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About Us


With our group of profoundly qualified specialists, consistently we are moving in the direction of new age innovations and configuration to guarantee our customers get the most significant levels of fulfillment close by top notch items at the best serious costs. We have a profoundly experienced group of representatives who are altogether prepared to act in agreement to the best degrees of global measures with idealized quality and ideal creation execution. This guarantees significant level of upper hand in our items.


Our spic and span processing plant floor has the ability to produce approx 30k pieces of garments per months, with most tasks happening in-house to keep up elevated levels of value and on-time conveyance. We continually update our apparatus furthermore, innovation to permit our capacities to bloom with guaranteeing a most extreme measure of in-house control of ourĀ tasks.

EMPLOYEE FACILITY : Team work is the establishment which holds our organization together. We expect to make a group building condition which recognizes collaboration is the way in to any achievement. We likewise give free social insurance towards our group just as rewards and additions while working around the national the lowest pay permitted by law guidelines.


Our vision is to deliver mechanical pieces of clothing for huge scope ventures obliging all degrees of business sectors with an assortment of safe items. Our items flourish in sturdiness, quality, alongside the use of An evaluation textures delivered at the best expectations from the main plants. We generally endeavor to utilize the best materials as we immovably trust it is the most ideal approach to expand by and large models of items. The key properties of our effective vision is by giving excellent items reliable on time conveyances, and top most client assistance. We value our relationships with all our customers equally which in turn have higher importance for us than most of our business dealings.

Employee Policy

All Avenue Workwear employees must abide to our very strict code of conduct (Domestic Factories Act) enforced through the administrative management department. All of our facilities strictly prohibit any form of child labour whilst thriving to encourage a good friendly atmosphere alongside a healthy environment for our employees. Our belief is summit outputs with minimum errors can only be successfully achieved within our environment.